Thursday, January 7, 2010


Change is one of those crazy inevitables that everyone has to deal with. No matter how hard you try you cannot run from the simple fact that every day life is changing,people are changing,circumstances are changing. Most would advise you go with the ebb and flow of life. You ride it out, you be a healthy person, and change with what's happening.

But change can also be devastating. Losing a loved one, moving away, or leaving a relationship behind are all crazy things that really affect a person. Those things take time and strength to recover from. I know the smaller changes most people don't worry about. Like, switching classes this upcoming semester. Part of me is jumping for joy to be away from the teachers I've had to cope with. Another part of me knows there will be people I won't see. It's kind of like a snowball effect when you don't see people you love.I've moved only twice in my life and each time it's been hard. I've had best friend's who've moved away from me as well. There is heartbreak when your best friend tries to tell you, "Don't worry-we'll stay close." and all I could do was smile sadly and hug them tight. I was always thinking that they didn't live in my reality, where if effort is not made and friendships aren't allowed to grow naturally, they deteriorate and die.After a couple times you get in touch with the truth of how things happen. A simple change of schedule, a change of if-I-get-to-see-them-today, can mean the end of a growing friendship or the start of the end for one held close by only a few common interests.

My longest lasting friendships have stayed because of church,or school, and only one because we put the effort in to make sure we know what's going on with one another and that our love and friendship is expressed.

I do not fear change in itself. Because the fear of change is just the fear of the unknown. I do fear the consequences of change, for that is the days we live in.

Hope you're changes are for the best. -Mikaella


  1. CHESSA SAYS: I agree with everything you said. even changing classes, you lose friends. I have lost closeness with some already because I don't see them at school. A couple of my friends from dance have changed studios and don't go to my school so now I never see them. When they left they said "Don't worry. We'll still be close. We'll still hang out." But we get so caught up in our customary lives that we rarely find the time to pick up the phone and plan something. A certain amount of time passes and you think "Well, would it be awkward to see htem now?, Now that so much has changed?" I hate losing people.I feel like certain people, even ones I am still friends with, I am losing. Their personalities and opinions change and I feel like I no longer have a grasp on who they are anymore. People I used to relate to annoy me, and certain people I never liked have suddenly blossomed before my eyes. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Change is inevitable, we have to embrace it. Beautifully spoken, or typed :), Mikaella. :)

  2. Hi there! I really love what you've written.It is true changes are sometimes awful and in most of the cases we may feel useless 'cause we know that we can't do it our way or avoid facing changes.
    Anyway, I think that it is something normal in life and they're like obstacles that help us to grow with strength.
    Recently i lost a friendship not because we can't see each other but she doesn't want to talk to me and THAT is what really hurt me .

    I love your blog! i always read the things you post but sometimes i'm quite lazy to sign in and commment LOL .

    Take care!!

  3. I find it true, change is hard for the good and for the bad. Friendships are so wonderful but some must move on and we hate the goodbye cause most times you no you will slowly grow apart. In time you grow so close to someone, friends in high school, church where ever it may be and you hope they never leave your life cause they make that smile come to you face they can pick you up when you are down. They are like this friends you have that are your family a retreat away from the crazy family you may have with strict parent or divorce it hard to go through but Change...
    I hate to say i hate it when Im glad it occurs some times. If i Had not changed my Comfort zone from nothing to acting i may have never meet some of the very best friends i have today who always know what to say and always will be there for you. It like a song I know Lean on me you cane always have that friend to lean on.

    thats what i got out of it.
    thanks for being a great blogger!


  4. I'm glad for whatever you got out of it. I know exactly how it feels to try and reach out and leave your own little bubble, especially in high school.

    I can definitely agree with you about your friends being a family away from home. Me and my friend Lole talk about that all the time. It sometimes feels like they just get you so much more than the people you've lived with forever. I think that's because your friends have insight into the you that you are right that moment and sometimes family get's caught up in your past and doesn't always consider the changes that occur in you while they aren't looking closely.

    You are incredibly welcome! And thank you for being someone who reads and comments.


  5. SO I find this sad but so down to earth true!
    What happened around this time for you it seems like more than just little changes that started this blog or am I wrong?

  6. I'm not sure. I think I was just reflecting on everything. It occurs to me a lot how many friends I have lost..


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