Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dear

I will miss you my dear, once we are apart.
We have become so near and dear.
Now we'll try and make it, severed hearts.

Cast not a furtive longing glance,
at me as I pass by.
Hold not my hand in secret place-
How dare you catch my eye!

What has past has past indeed.
Only future stays.
Don't expect in your time of need
For love to linger and to blaze.

Keep your words of affection
And your gifts of sweet desire.
I tramp a lonely soldier here
Through life's muck and mire.

With tattered flag, and tattered boot and tattered looking smile.
But courageous heart am I still,my dear,
I continue through all fire.


  1. This has meaning. Good Meaning. Really good.
    Is this referring to someone?


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