Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lines of Poetry

She speaks in lines of poetry.
She has a subtle grace.
Her sidestep,sideswept, sashay of sorts.
Eyes that blaze with fancy and fury.
Lips curled up, a blossoming smile-
Bright white, sharp edge, clean lines.
Emerging curves finding their place,
Hands soft to soothe,
Arms outstretched with promise of comfort.
She speaks in lines of poetry
And sidestep,sideswept, sashays around my mind.


  1. I like this. It also gives be the feeling of much thought and a pinch of sadness? Yes? Well I like the poem it flows nicely.

  2. Well, I think of it in two ways, both sort of sad-

    One-How I wish someone would think of me.

    Two-As a sad admirer appreciating everything but having nothing of a girl for one reason or another. Too shy, she's taken, something like that.


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