Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding Inspiration

The word inspire as defined by dictionary.com is to animate, as an influence, feeling, thought, or the like, does. Like if I saw a beautiful flower and was automatically struck by it's beauty, overcome with joy, compelled to draw it. Anything can inspire or be an inspiration but what inspires one person can be completely different from what inspires another.But just as inspiration comes like a lightning bolt of energy jumping straight into one cortex or another and making you go, YEAH!, it leaves just as quickly and you go along waiting for another YEAH! moment.
Today I was inspired by: running, music, not being able to find a hair tie, and not knowing what people think of me. Seeing as the last is most relateable I will go from there.Maybe I should just start writing things down that I think I could write about then pick one. It might make for a couple interesting blogs.

NOW! On to the meat of this blog!

There comes a time in a relationship where you feel like you really know where you stand with another person. Based on the past you've had with them- it's smooth sailing, you're cool, this is a good thing. Then you do one thing and suddenly they give you that look.

That look that says, "What is wrong with you?" They may even say it. But they just give you that look and you can do one of two things. 1.Pretend you were just kidding. No you didn't just chug 4 full glasses of hot sauce randomly because you thought it would be cool. You were just messing around. No you didn't just get that creepy kid's number. It wasn't because you found him attractive. Just kiddin' man. Just kidding. Or 2. Continue to glory in what you have just done and hope they go along. So what you just picked up the phone at a Walgreen's or you're wearing your bathrobe in the middle of the grocery store. You're hot-you do what you want.

The thing is, if you are a hot sauce chugging, number getting, phone answering machine then you might want to find some friends who approve of such activities. I've had this sort of thing happen a lot and most of my friends after they digest the crazy they are cool with it. They come to terms with the fact that I am just a crazy person. A person who enjoys doing things that aren't inherently dangerous but just outside of couth. (Yeah, that is a word,Firefox. Deal with it.)
I think the more moments you have like that, those crazy moments, where you feel alive, the better off you are. And sharing those times with friends is just the icing on the random cake.

Music:The Well and the Lighthouse-Arcade Fire
Last Meal:Vegetarian spaghetti and toast

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  1. Mikaella.
    You are The best crazy that a crazy person can be.
    You seemed to care so much about people and thats great.
    I and so many others care dearly for you and when it comes to the what is wrong with you face thats when you know they are not the one you should be with hang with talk with or even be aquatinted with.
    I believe 110% in more moments of craziness because it is so true. You gotta live life. Stress and pain just is boring. You cant have a whole book just about that you have to have some crazy in there to to make it special and amazing. Just like you!


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