Tuesday, January 11, 2011

which do you like better- hot or cold?

I think on a snap decision I'd say hot. But as these snow days have reminded me, cold isn't so bad. When it's cold you can snuggle up to a friend, or a warm blanket. You can read and feel the chill outside. You get rosy cheeks and your breath is brought to life. The cold means ice skating and ice sickles and little individual snowflakes that are extremely beautiful. Cold can bring people together, and too much hot can drive people away. Make them a little crazy or sick. Cold is clean and bright. Hot is like burning passion and carefree summers.there is no such thing as a carefree winter. So, the cold makes me want warmth and warmth makes me want the cold. It's a toss up. I cannot decide.

Rhetorical questions accepted. Real questions answered.

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