Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13th

1. My Flamin' Hot Cheetos have to be slightly stale for me to fully enjoy them.
2. I feel quite responsible because I have 3 plants in my room and none of them have died.
3. I wish I had the money to buy all the stupid shirts based on webcomics I've ever wanted. (Also stuff from infomercials.)
4. Conversation between Andrew and I about school. Also, he introduced me to Marina and Diamonds. :D


mhmm, school starts sooo soon


I'm just not thinking about it. I may eventually cry and melodramatically fall to my knees and scream, "Nooooo!' to the heavens.


haha, I dont get why you dont like it? I like having a schedule and not just being a bum. Plus you get to see your friends everyday


1. I do like schedules. I've expressed this before. 2. I like my friends also. BUT 3. You don't always get to see your friends or even have classes with them and 4. I enjoy staying up late, eating constantly, reading stupid comics, and NOT thinking. I LOVE NOT THINKING! 5. I don't think I have a problem. I think you do.

5. -finds candy in living room- -eats-

6. I didn't help with VBS today because I was too tired from getting barely any sleep last night.

7. The candy is like Starburst gushers and I like them lots and lots.

8. I have a dayplanner and I enjoy writing in it.

9.My Furby sleeps a lot.

9a. I may have damaged it by trying to take it apart the other day. I wanted to know its secrets. I didn't do very well though and I didn't want to take it past the point of no return. But if you do want to know what a Furby looks like without its cute exterior, click HERE.

10. Oh my goodness this blog is so pointless. Go read a different one.

11. All the good colors of candy are gone. Foo!

12. I've only been awake like 5 hours but I still feel like I should take a nap.

13. I don't add people on facebook who I know will never talk to me. It's like, what's the point? I might as well go stare at a rock or something.

14. Lowriders are cute. Butt-crack is not. Sad.

15. It is really pretty outside right now at 6:25. But it's also hot.

16. Tori, Lexa, and I made cookies!

17. We all wish that every peice of technology was as smart as a person, but that it wouldn't take over the world.

18. After reading a blog, I now want a pet rat, like, badly.

19. If you read this far, I love you. If you didn't, I love you too, but not as much.

20. I'm really shaky and I dunno why but I just had a cookie and it was delicious!

21. Do list blogs take away from normal blogs or do they make normal blogs seem coherant and awesome?

22. In my head, I get koalas and pandas slightly confused.

23. In the soup we ate for dinner there were alphabet letters and when we saw them the three of us had to come up with words to match the letter. It was like poetry.

24. I want a job. But not a hard one. D:

25. What job do you think would be good for me? When I asked my mom she listed some options but she said Rue 21 like 4 times.

26. Statistically, the more often my mom makes me drive her around when I look ugly, the more likely people are going to see me looking ugly.

27.Andrew, in my travels, I stopped by your house and rang your doorbell and knocked on your door. You never answered. I felt creepy.

28. Love is such a magical thing. And never do I want it, except for when I notice myself not having it and other people being all, "Hey honey-pie, cutie face, love of my life! Let's go frolic and be so sweet we make people vomit." Not that anyone I know is like that, just that's how it happens in my head.

29. I'm sitting in the mostly dark of the front room, at my mom's computer, doing blog related activities, and playing guitar really badly.

30. I love the C chord. It makes me very happy.

31. Why am I so borrrrriinnggg? -sad face-

32. At dinner Tori started talking about a boy in her Tae Kwon Do class. Apparently, he wants to be a comic book writer and he's already written some. Also, he's 8. Tori said that she had written two books. I asked her about them. She told me that one of them was about a dog who went to competitions and was very successful, but then at his final competition he couldn't do his flip right because he was old and tired. Then he died in his sleep.

33. I also just introduced Tori to my Furby. They get along well. xp

34. I am so obsessed with Allie of Hyperbole and a Half.

35. Seems a good enough number to end, yeah? Love you people out there. Especially you.. ;D

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