Friday, August 20, 2010

Be the Solution

The reason I wasn't happy with myself last night, is truly simple: FAKE.

I don't think of myself as a fake person, but if I try to be anything I'm not then I am and then I don't like myself. If I try to be funny or charming or mean or anything just for a laugh or so people see me one way or another then that is being fake.

In the body we have parts of us that attack germs and outside forces that threaten to make us sick. Our bodies know what doesn't belong and what is unnatural. In the same way, I don't ever like myself when I'm being someone I deep down know I am not. It could be a small things-just a thing I say or a joke I tell or something I wear-but if it isn't really something I would do (or something I wouldn't even approve of), then it isn't honest.

Sometimes we change around people, whether we mean to or not, and for whatever reason, but I don't want to. People should be themselves, no matter the situation. If we live for how others see us we are not truly living.

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  1. Woah. I've definitely know what you're talking about. I think every teenager does. The reason "Be Yourself" is such a cliche piece of advice is that we all, at one point or another, hide our true selves in order to fit in or look cool or whatever else.

  2. If you ever check this post out again you should look at the post and poem I added to the bottom. Also, yeah, I almost didn't want to write it because it seemed cliche and like something that's been written a million times before (I always feel like that.) but at the same time, it really hits home with me. I was trying to figure out why I felt so rubbish, and the answer came. I can't think of a good way to wrap this comment up. Just, really, thanks for reading.


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