Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working for the Man Every Night and Day

I can already feel this blog post sounding stupid and I haven't barely even started. But, still, I'm in my bed with my dad's laptop on a Wednesday night and listening to The Smiths on my Pandora account. How could I not blog?

I don't know how it keeps coming up but it does, in conversation, about having or not having a job. I hadn't even really seriously thought about it until, actually, this week. I guess when something is on your mind you notice when it comes up. And, surprisingly enough, I really want a job. ) I mean, being under 16 a job seemed far away and, what did I need one for? I'm young and I can't drive. But now, I'm starting to visualize it. I'll be 16 this coming semester. I am eligible for a license in April. Also, I want a lot of things. Oh, that sounds awful. But, I'd like to earn things and not rely so much on others.I hate asking for things in general. It makes me feel awful. People joke with me, "Get a job!" Sounds like a good idea to me, honestly. I could see me working and enjoying it. I'd like to have a bank account and a pay check and another place to be. I feel stupid. I have a good idea about how it would go if tried. I wouldn't be experienced enough to actually get a job. I'd crack a bad joke at an interview.. And when would I work? After school? Not if I wanted to do shows. And how would I get there? Mariah sure as heck wouldn't be driving me to work after school. She has a job of her own to go to. And my beautiful madre said I wouldn't be getting a car or my license until I had a job to pay for gas. If you don't see the vicious cycle then you haven't been paying very good attention.

Places I'd Like to Work:
Book Store
Teen Clothing Store
Music Store
Card Store
Flower Shop

Places I Wouldn't Like to Work:
Fast Food/Restaurant
Department Store
Place with children

Things I Want to Get:
Fancy Camera
Good birthday/Christmas presents

Speaking of schedules and school..I went through my school supplies tonight, and let me tell you, I have a bunch. Which is good. I still don't want to go..but, I can't stay here on my bed writing blogs all year. Que sera sera.

PS. Songs I liked while writing:
We Will Become Sillhouettes covered by The Shins. <3 I can spell silhouettes. Awesome.
Jumper-Third Eye Blind

P.P.S My head hurts on one side because I hit it really hard on a door frame the other day. I'm smart and have really awesome spatial awareness.

P.P.P.S It's taken me a long while to write this blog because in my school-supply searching I found an old journal and had to read it. I am so different and so the same. My writing style hasn't changed, my handwriting has. I love to look back because knowing where you've been is a great way to enjoy the path ahead. I feel like doing a lot of stuff tonight like writing and cleaning and clearing my mind. It's a nice mood. I'll embrace it.


  1. I like these blogs that you think are stupid but they really aren't. We're on the same brain wavelength! I'd go into my whole story thing, but I always talk about myself in these comments. No me gusta.
    But you're not alone! Others feel the same way about the job thing. :b
    Nice blog. :)

  2. Thank you so much. I'm seeing more and more how not alone I am, but then, I never felt like I was.
    I'd love to hear your story! In a comment or a blog or whatever. If you feel like saying something, feel free to use this space. That's one of the main reasons I write. 1) to work out my own thoughts. 2) To see how my story and ideas and opinions relate to everyone else. More than once I have written like a mini-blog in comments and I love that. Haha. So, yeah. =]

  3. Haha alright then! It's not really a "story", but how I relate, I guess. Well I was eligible to get my license on August 4th, but I didn't drive a lot within the past year because 1. I didn't like it, it made me nervous. 2. My mom's nerves can't handle it, and I don't like my dad's car. They still refuse to compromise with me. Haha. Anyway, so I won't go get my license for another few months. It wouldn't matter anyway because I wouldn't have a car. So that was the main reason I didn't get a job this summer, because I wouldn't be able to provide my own transportation, and even if I had had a car and my license, it wouldn't have been until August 4th. So my mom knew that I wanted a job, so she hired me as her own little housekeeper for the summer. I know that sounds lame, because I should clean anyway. And I do, but she pretty much pays me to clean the whole house really well, and occasionally cook (but that doesn't happen too often ha). So that's been my summer job. Next summer I am absolutely getting a "real job" though. My mom and I were discussing places I could work. I said I didn't want to work at Chick-fil-A for multiple reasons. 1. Because they hire so many people, I wouldn't get many hours. 2. Working in fast food just seems repulsive to me. 3. (And this sounds incredibly stupid, because I know any job would require this) I don't like handling money. Anything with math or anything. Yes I know the machine thing does it for you, but I don't want to count it out or give someone the wrong amount or something. And it grosses me out, because I can be a germaphobe sometimes hah. That's a terrible excuse, but still. 4. I don't want to work somewhere where I'm going to see people I know constantly, and have them laugh and be like, "HAH, you work here?" and then make me do all this stuff like in the movies. Here are the pros of working there: 1. Considering they hire everyone, I wouldn't have too much trouble getting the job. 2. It's a friendly, Christian atmosphere. 3. I wouldn't work on Sundays. And that's about it. I think I should babysit, but I can't think of anyone who needs a sitter. I don't want bratty kids either. Nice, cute ones. Haha. Wow this has turned into a super long comment and I went off on a huge tangent. But the point of this is I want a job next summer to help out and pay for my own things. I hate asking for money. It makes me feel needy and like all their hard work is being dumped into something I want for selfish reasons. Blach.
    Okay, I promise I'm done now. I'm sorry this didn't have much to do with your blog haha.

  4. I know working at a fast food place doesn't sound like an ideal job. Believe me, I didn't like the food industry, but it was a good way for me to get my foot into the door and get familiar with working and what not. So it wasn't completely horrible, I really enjoyed my co-workers.

    Oh, and they will tell you if you'll find the job bearable or not. If you get along with them, it won't be too much of a job and you won't hate it as much :)

    best advice I've heard when looking for a job: Work somewhere where you'll get discounts.

    Not sure if this helped or anything, but there's my 2 cents for what they're worth :)


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