Monday, August 16, 2010

New Year, Same Mikaella

Here are some excerpts from blogs I wrote about a year ago when I was just starting high school:

"I have a basic idea of where I'm supposed to go but I still have anxiety about it. It all seems super big and serious and crap." Well, that's still sort of true, the first part at least. High school doesn't seem so big or serious anymore though. It feels like a chore.

"I don't feel like a freshman. I don't feel like anything really." And now, I don't feel like a sophomore. I feel like a whiny kid who would rather stay at home reading Harry Potter with a snuggie and her cat.

I'm the same.

"I don't want school to come. Leave me alone!" I rest my case.

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  1. I hear ya. I don't feel like a junior either. I got this big packet about class rings in the mail the other day and it caught me off guard. Junior? Whoa. And I totally am with you on the whole "I don't want school to come. Leave me alone!" thing. This summer felt like it lasted a week. I'm dreading homework, getting up early, tests, MATH, stressing about grades, EVERYTHING! School=death of Sarah.
    Now I, too, rest my case.


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