Friday, April 16, 2010


I will hurt you.

That's not some crazy threat. It's a fact. If you ever love me, or care about me, or are my friend, I can't promise you that I won't do something stupid and mess it up. I've always been sort of the optimist but at the same time I'm also a realist. I know things don't always work out perfectly, or as planned. I never want to be held to some outrageous standard that I have to be exactly what anyone needs for me to be. I can try and hopefully I will succeed to be there for people in ways they can appreciate, but I'll never give a guarantee. "100% satisfactory or your trust, time, and friendship back." I think sometimes we see people and we just want for them to fill holes within us. We want them to take what we are and love it and add to it and make it more than it is. People can do that. I believe in the power of others and the power of friendship. But we can't ever put others on pedestals and see them as more than people. (And the inverse is true as well-never as less.) If people are more than people then we are no longer able to relate to others; no longer able to function as confidants and equals. This all has so much to do with acceptance, and forgiveness, and how we choose to view other people. So, I will hurt you, because that is what we do.


  1. agreed. me too. yep. and I like the picture.

  2. Pictures cool. The truth right in that blog.
    Friendship is grand and well all the other parts...
    Forgiveness is hard to do.


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