Sunday, April 11, 2010

Word of the day: Wig

She pulled the wig out and dusted it off. She looked at it sadly.Her eyes looked as though they were looking into a well rather than at an old red wig. She had spoken of the wig before with fondness. It meant something greater than any of us could ever grasp. To her it was....

That was just a little experiment with I kind of needed a starting place. So, tell me, who is she? And who is us? And what did the wig mean? Just some creative questions there if you have any ideas.

I've written starts of books and starts of stories that seemed to have true promise but I've never gone through with one. Things about teens and romance, and killers, and sci-fi scientists. And where has it left me? Writing poems.Not that poems can't be awesome. I just wish I could write something that people would care to read and own and think about.

School is back in session tomorrow, and I'm out for tonight. So... "Ha ha ha ha, stayin' alive!"


  1. Is one word the website where it gives you a minute to write about a random word?
    the two ideas I had for the story would be either that the Character doing the action had survived Chemo and the wig was from that or on a more humorous note that the main character is a former clown. Either way for me the "us" in the story is the person children or grand kids. And Iguess the wig is either a reminder of hard times or better times depending on which story.

    And you should try an write a book!
    Post excerpts on here and gauge responses.
    I would write more but I have to go get ready for school tomorrow.

  2. Now that I'm thinking about it I picture grandma as a go-go dancer. She loved her dancing days. Times were hard but being able to boogie sure paid the bills.

    I want to try and write a book!
    I have done something like that on myspace but I feel people sometimes lose interest and then I edit things and make them better but no one wants to read it again. I dunno. Maybe. If I have another eureka moment.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hmm, I like your idea, It sounds quirky, but readable. I would imagine that she would take up her old profession again.

    Okay I see what you mean though, still you never know what people would do unless it is out there for them to see. But cool I'll read it if you do. And No problemo.

  4. The videos you find or have is great. A book you write would have true meaning. Lots of thoughts, lots of randomness, and lots of you put into writing. I would love to read a book by you!

  5. Ha, I am getting down right now listening to that song! I hope a book by me would be all those things. I imagine me writing fiction about like patients I have or situations I face once in the working world of psychology.


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