Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Far as I sees it thar be 4 types a' hugs. Thar be:

The side hug-can be awkward and uncomfortable but also necessary in crowded hallways, for picture purposes or when one party is carrying something.

The X hug-this hug is formed by two people hugging with one arm over a shoulder and one arm under. This is generally seen as a not very affectionate hug. One shared awkwardly by distant family members or in a situation where one of both parties aren't very fond of the other.
Awkward hug leaning could be involved.

The Under Hug- Now this is just a normal hug but it's when you get the "bottom spot" in the hug.You are hugging around the other person's upper abdomen or waist area. This is usually the spot for the shorter person or a person being comforted. Being the under hug-ee is a comfortable more snuggly spot.

The Over Hug- The counterpart to The Under Hug. The over hug-ee is either taller or the one giving support. This may be the dominant position for a hug. It beckons back to the hugs mothers give to children, clutching them to their hearts.

There are always exceptions to the rules but hugs can communicate so much.I'm generally an Over hugger. What type are you? Leave in the comments.


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  2. I'm an over hugger, but no one ever lets me be.

  3. For some reason, this blog made me happy.
    Thanks :)

  4. Well, I like over-hugs, but since I'm short they just don't work. You know, the hug around the neck type deal. But I'm an under-hugger, and I like it :) It's less awkward than some of the other ones. This made me smile :)

  5. ...I believe I go back and forth between over & under...kindof depends on whom I am hugging & who goes for the hug first [because they get the first spot/spot of their choice]

  6. I believe I am both under and over. If someone is going to give me a hug and I know about it Im over. BUT! if they surprise me then im under. Make sense. I loved the pictures with the blog great!


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