Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yesterday was the first time I skipped a day with BEDA, but honestly, yesterday was awesome. The week went fast but Friday just felt like 3 days in one. The dynamics of it. I woke up late, went to school, got my research paper peer edited, had a sub for spanish, hugged a lovely friend, almost cried, did sort of poorly on a test, did test corrections 15 minutes after the test, road home, spilled my guts to my mom, went to goodwill, went to walmart, came home and dyed my hair, spilled my guts again, went to the hospital to see kortni, and stayed awake as long as I could.

Today I also have a lot to do and that stinks. I feel the need to relax and lay under the sun with my eyelids baking and a contented smile on my face. I wish I could remember the funny things I'd seen yesterday that I wanted to write about. Have you ever seen the movie Baby Geniuses? You haven't? Well, shame on you. The pediatrics wing of the Cabarrus hospital reminded the BABYCO place or whatever in that movie. It was crazy, like not even real.

Needless to say, (don't you hate when people say that?) keep Kortni in your thoughts and prayers while the doctors are trying to figure things out.

I just now did the finishing touches to my paper and I think it's pretty great. Isn't it funny that no matter how much you love someone you still most of the time don't want to read their 5 page paper about a Greek god? Haha. So now I'll go and clean some stuff. I'm sure Mariah will enjoy me cleaning her car. So, another blog will come tonight about revival and whatever happens.

I love you.


  1. 1. I hugged a lovely friend Yesterday too. :)
    2. Is Kortni okay? I am really worried about her. She is a medical mystery.
    3. I look forward to another blog.
    4. I love you too.

  2. 1. :)
    2. She's been alright. But she's had a terrible headache that just won't go away and she hasn't been able to eat. When I saw her she didn't look bad, but today I think she has to have a spinal tap. Which sounds like the worst procedure ever.

  3. At first when I saw the title of the blog I really thought you were skipping out side, throughout the house, just wherever! BUT this works too.
    I want a hug. Oh wait I got one yesterday! HA.
    Mikaella is such a great and interesting name.
    I like it!
    It shall go down in history with a Bruce at the end!


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