Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not a Bite Sized Blog

I've had about 6 fairly short blog posts these past couple days. Today, I'm sitting in Science and I just wrote a paragraph about Krakatoa. Earlier in 2nd I was in the iLab commenting the heck out of everyone's blogs. Fun stuff. This morning we had this college student come in to watch my Intro to New Testament class. At first she seemed kind of nonplussed and her mouth was hanging open and she was openly staring in disgust at how we weren't actually doing anything. I do know that we spend a good 30 minutes of class wasting time. Mrs.Hardin talks about Bible Club events or tells stories. I usually take that time to read or to finish up science summaries that I procrastinate on. Today we were working on the talent show stuff though. I had to stand in for a girl, who was playing a girl, in a skit that her and another girl are doing that's based on 16 and Pregnant. Sounds like an awful tv show. But yeah. I got hit by a baby bump and then told her to sit down and BREATHE! BREATHE! REMEMBER YOUR BREATHING! because she was having the baby on this guy's lap. The woman seemed to enjoy our outright silliness. Maybe she just loosened up a bit. The whole skit, made up of many parts, is hilarious.Yeah, you'd just have to see it. I do encourage you to come to the talent show,though. It's a hoot. (Oh,wow, I just said hoot.) I am simultaneously eating birthday cake icecream and spaghetti. Which reminds me, I am always eating weird combos. Like peeps and sunflower seeds, and waffles and mashed potatoes, and cereal and potato chips. Mmm,sunflower seeds. I think they are too much work but I like them. Similar to pomegranates in that respect. All the digging and finding and then getting rid of most of it. This might have been better if I had bulleted it to show individual thoughts. Oh well.I kind of wish I had something to rant about.Rants are easier to write than factual, not opinionated stuff. If you have any ideas for things I could go on about you can leave it in the comments. I love to read useless facts and stories. It may be my downfall. This is so scatterbrained. I like that word though.

  • interesting conversation
  • reading on the porch while it's raining
  • people who smell good
  • listening to new music over and over
  • coming home to a clean room
  • learning something new and being good at it
  • getting notes and letters
  • not being told about a surprise before I get it
  • those silly animal bracelets
  • sports cars
  • song lyrics in my head
  • seeing something in a new way
  • good books like old friends
  • converses
  • waking up in bed when it's raining and seeing the world in shades of gray
  • cats
  • if you read this part start your comment with the letter k
  • the last day of school
  • plans made with the best intentions
  • random acts of kindness
  • finding things in unusual places
  • ending this blog post
Thanks for reading. Love, Mikaella.


  1. I noticed that too, about the ladies face. She didnt seem to interested in what we were doing, haha. Id also love to add, that I loved Your stand in for "16 and Pregnant". I think You made a great friend in that scene, it was hysterical. As for Mrs.Hardin talking alot: Im glad Im not the only person who thinks that :)

  2. Kansas is for lovers xD

  3. K
    Kansas is also for Wizard of Oz fans!
    So is Mrs. HArdin a good teacher she is my teacher next year. Combining weird foods is fun!
    The last day of school for me did not seem as epic as I thought.
    What about you?

  4. Mrs. Hardin is great-but crazy. And sometimes I felt like she was brain washing us by being so positive. I mean, it worked, but I was on to her. It made me wonder how small the line is from being upbeat and positive-to straight out lying and being fake. You know? I mean, don't get me wrong, she is phenomenal and you will learn a lot, but sometimes she made me uncomfortable. The last day was-hot. Nothing really hits me until later, until I'm almost used to it-so not really.


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