Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the best husbend

Good looking sinsetive
paishint kind tall
never selfish
caring not tuchie
good tast in close
very muchur mostly in the midle with mony
And nose how to handle sick children
the best hugs

Never mean
do anything for you
Always make you feel specal
Never dout you

the best kises for the child
the best conpurter fixer
And the skinyest
thats what every husbond should be

Not picky with food
gets along with every one
the sweetest goy you could amagin

pick your husbonds safly

ceep every things neet in the house

That's my work circa age 7.5 apparently. Haha. Makes me laugh so much. Now you know what little me really needed.Wow. Some of it I'm like, "Really? I found that important?" The thing about keeping the house clean was such a win. You make ME a sandwich. YOU clean the house.Today I was reading it to Jamie and she kept making fun of me about my spelling and stuff. I was only in the 2nd grade. Give me a break. Later on I will post up some pictures probably. So, little me knew what she was talking about; Big me just needs a little, y'know.

Original Gangster

Night my loves!


  1. Awh this was so cute! It made me smile :) My favorite part was the: "Caring not tuchie" Hahaha. So cute :D And the "And the skinyest
    thats what every husbond should be" Now we all want buff! The keeping the house clean was awesome. Smart little you! ;D

  2. Even if your spelling was off by a bit, your vocabulary still never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Best picture
    loved the song
    lots to live up to for little you haha
    but a girl knows what she wants


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