Monday, April 12, 2010

With Music Loud and Heart Full


A smile that speaks a million words. A blush that betrays so many more. But it's just dandy. It's not a problem.

I feel like slipping on some shorts and just walking for miles and miles. Letting the sun set and the moon shine and treading the black top till my soles are tired and my mind is clear.

Or dancing in a sundress and laughing about how terrible I am at it. Not minding a bit how ridiculous I may look. Enjoying the feel of my own momentum.

Sitting on the dock and dipping my feet in the day-warmed water as it churns. Watching clouds drift and birds fly.

Tengo ganas de viviendo.


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  2. Oh my gosh, that was awesome. I want summer even more now!
    You learned that in spanish today! Haha. All I remember is Tengo hambre, which I used at least 5 times today haha.

  3. J'ai pris un douche le matin. I learned that yesterday. But you have no idea what I said. How's that feel? I like this post. It reminds me of how I like to live every day.

  4. You took a shower in the morning? It feels like learning. You dance in sundresses every day?

  5. I love this.
    But, you must know I read "I feel like slipping on some shorts" and was so puzzled. I sat and thought how can you SLIP on shorts? Slip like trip? I was like, you feel like falling? I was like "Maybe short was a typo, hmmm, OHHHHH!"

  6. Summer is here! Have you done any of those things?
    It sounds peaceful and great!


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