Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Great Pantless Fiesta

This is one of those music surveys. I like them and I don't really know how to explain the title. Just a dream.

I'm gonna be choosy and pick things that make some semblance of sense.
Your BirthBittersweet-Apocolyptica & HIM
First BirthdayPlease, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want-The Smiths
First Day of SchoolDon't Ask Me To Explain-Of Montreal
Turning 10Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche-Escape the Fate
ChristmasA Walk Through Hell-Say Anything
Leaving Elementary SchoolSlow Fade-Casting Crowns
First DayI Don't Like Mondays-The Boomtown Rats (first try!)
First DanceViva la Vida-Coldplay
First CrushBrighter than Sunshine-Aqualung
First KissLove Song-Sara Barielles
First DateBlack Hole Sun-Soundgarden
Summer VacationSound of Pulling Heaven Down-Blue October
High School
First DayNa na, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye-Three Dog Night
Homecoming(Giving up a bit.) Bullet With Butterfly Wings-Smashing Pumpkins
The blanks

didn't apply

to my life.

Replay-Sean Kingston (Hm.)
First CarI Need a Hero-Jennifer Saunders (Well that doesn't sound good.)
Getting AttackedWhat does that even mean? Refer to the question above.
Rebelling Against Your ParentsLevel-The Racontuers (As in headed. Which I am. I rebel tiny. I don't eat my greens.)
GraduationElectric Feel-MGMT (Exciting.)
21st BirthdayHysteria-Muse
Getting a jobWait-Everyday Sunday
PartyingCrazy Little Thing Called Love-Queen (I love to party?)
Settling DownTrue Romance-Silverstein
Getting MarriedLast Words-The Real Tuesday Weld
HoneymoonFaith- Boy Least Likely To Cover
DivorceHard to Explain-The Strokes
Hitting the BottleStaying Alive-Begees
Losing Your JobTired-Pearl Bailey
Rock BottomJoker and the Thief-Wolfmother
Mental BreakdownThe Science of Fear-The Temper Trap
Suicide AttemptSafety Dance-Men With Hats (hahaha... 0_o)
Heretics-Andrew Bird
Getting Your Life on TrackNew Age-Sleepy Sun
Second MarrigeI'm Not Calling You a Liar-Florence and the Machine
The Golden Years
Watching Your Children Grow UpHeart it Races-Dr.Dog
RetiringMajor Tom (Coming Home)-Shiny Toy Guns
Growing Old TogetherI Can See Clearly Now-Bob Marley
Thinking BackFading Away-Demon Hunter
Dying Call It Karma-Silverstein

So yeah! There you have it! It's kind of sad how this is how some survey site predicts a life to be.

Today I helped my grandmother out with her yard and then we went out to eat. They have this restaurant near her house called Wink's and it is pretty fabulous. I had a waffle and mashed potatoes. Truly fantastic. Then we went swimsuit shopping and I got a pink little thing and a black tankini. I like them both and they make me homesick for summer, if that's possible. Can you be homesick for four months out of the year?

I'm not getting much progress done because I'm busy talking about chin stroking and bowler hats. Mariah is reading Scrambled Eggs at Midnight now. I think it's her second time but she also loves it. Uhm uhm uhmm.... It bugs me when singers/songwriters have a perfect opportunity to rhyme and they completely skip over it. Well, thanks for reading.

P.S. Hooray for day 8 of BEDA!


  1. Rhyme: roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    for a good time call 459-5462.
    Just thought I'd share. what were the blanks that you took out? I'm curious.
    for graduation I think Free bird- Lynard Skynard is good.

  2. There was like first drug trip etc.

  3. All songs?
    Im guessing that book is good I need to read it please!
    and looking for Alaska
    Did you plant flowers?

  4. Indeed!
    It is soo good. It's my legitimate favorite even though I feel sort of stupid for saying so since it is like a romancy Young Adult novel. But, hey, that's me. Chick flicks and painted nails and what not.
    I did not. I mowed her yard.


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