Sunday, April 18, 2010

His Future

His future, the future that my God has laid in my hands only so that I may lay it once again at His feet for Him to show me the directions I will take. Leaning on my own understanding I only find more questions and anxiety and directionless living. With Him in charge as my captain I am certain to weather the storms and be able to praise, regardless. I have been so full with my own kinds of sickness and so blinded by my own wants that I have allowed myself to slide so far down. A year or two back I was so much stronger in my faith. The Lord has a plan for everything though. Becoming broken and being required to build back up in baby steps is what He had in store for this time of my life. I am moved to make changes and I love to feel the Spirit moving within me and through me. I love to be assured that nothing can separate me from my Lord now that I am surrendered to Him. I cannot express my thanks and my joy and above all the peace that letting Him be the guide can give. "This world has nothing for me. I will follow You."


  1. Oh my gosh I loooove that song :D And I'm in Civics right now commenting on your blog. Ironic, right? Love it! :D

  2. A song? I like the song.


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