Monday, April 19, 2010


When you're writing any sort of paper, or a letter, or any type of formal writing you always end the whole thing up with a conclusion. A conclusion is like a big bow tied on to the gift basket that is all your hard work. I wonder if this gift of life has a conclusion that we have to make. If, one day, everything will make sense. Or at least as much sense as anything can make to the mortal mind and we can feel like we've figured it out. If there will be some restful peace after that big eureka moment. Each new thing we discover helps to build on to that dreamed of conclusion. That may come as we close our eyes for the last time or maybe even as we suddenly realize what more there is to the life we have. To conclude, can we ever truly know what it all means?

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  1. Never. We cant truly know what it all means. Its just crazy. I never thought about that but conclusions, so true.


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