Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yo peeps

Yo peepzles.
This is M-dizzle.
M-dizzle doesn't even write her own blog.
Why would she write Mikaella's?
That's right.
She wouldn't.

I tried to shirk on my responsibilities but nooooooo. Can't catch a break. Mariah could be funny and charming and win all of you with her wit, but noooooo!

Mariah:Blarg. Onomotopoeia. asdfjkl;

*buuuuurp* -Mikaella

That is her greatest contribution to this particular blog. Oh wait! There goes another. *buuuuurp* She would like to attribute this gasiness to Mtn. Dew, but I won't let her. My shoulder hurts. Why?-mikaella says. I don't knooooooow.

Mikaella, again, yeah, that didn't work. Someone is tired and not cooperating. Now she's sleeping on the couch with my mom. That sounds nice. I might go lay down soon too. Uhm....uninspired and tired so, bye for now.


  1. I liked the music. BURP!!!!!!!

  2. I never cease in being such a fantastic lady.


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